Title clearance and policy issuance across the U.S.

Local & National

The Local Division features a team of professional underwriters and examiners who lead the Seattle market in title clearance and insurance services through experience, dedication and customer service. Our local title professionals can expedite any type of real estate transaction including residential, commercial and industrial sales, refinances, and cash transactions. We are experts in the identification and removal of property liens, while reducing lender risk.

Our National Division is comprised of the largest and most seasoned staff of professionals in the industry, including transaction coordinators, underwriters, legal counsel and post-closing personnel. We service the national title needs of our customers, underwriting turnkey title solutions for commercial and industrial properties nationwide, from single sites to multifamily housing, as well as complex multi-site, multi-state transactions. Our clients receive the highest level of customer service and individual attention from our inter-departmental teams.

Our Services

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable underwriters works with customers to resolve any undesirable title issues so that when the sale or loan of the property is complete, the customer has a title insurance policy free and clear of any clouds or exceptions that could jeopardize priority or ownership of the land. An underwriter is assigned to each closing to review recordable documents and consider requests for special endorsements from the lender or purchaser to minimize the risk to all parties and to avoid coverage gaps. This requires a thorough knowledge of ALTA (American Land Title Association) endorsements and a firm understanding of the latest policy trends and local/state customs.

In addition, we identify and work to solve potential issues for lenders. Loan policies are required by most mortgage lenders in a commercial real estate transaction. These loan policies insure the lender’s interest in the property based on the dollar amount of the loan and the existing exceptions of record.

Our underwriting team has worked with every type of complex commercial real estate transaction: acquisitions, dispositions, loan modifications, bankruptcies, workouts, foreclosures and exchanges. Our extensive network of state offices enhances our proficiency in national title clearance, removal of liens and title insurance policy issuance in all 50 states.

Let our group of experts guide you through the title clearance process!

Some of the Ways We Are Here to Help:

  • Mortgage payoffs and releases
  • Judgments and other orders of the court
  • Pending litigation
  • Mechanics lien clearance and waivers
  • Non-imputation endorsements
  • Zoning problems
  • Foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • Assessment letters
  • Utility facility statement
  • Special coverage, as needed